Benefits of joining Just EPC

Joining Just EPC's network will allow your company to take advantage of the investment in IT infrastucture and marketing and help you stand out above the competition. As well as having a continous flow of localised appointments supplemented through Just EPC's heavy investment in marketing.

Free local pre-paid appointments

Just EPC are part of the Home Visit Appointment Network. We require qualified Energy assessors to join our EPC network. In return, we supply you with pre-paid appointments on residential and commercial properties.

Just EPC generate leads through online marketing activities and our relations with over 1,500 Estate and Letting agents throughout the UK.

Bespoke Customer Diary Management

Signing up to Just EPC gives you the option to access our state of the art diary management software. You will be able to stay in control of your work flow by using your EPC diary which will allow customers to book your services online, or if you chose, through our booking centre.

You will be able to manage your availability and book out busy times and holidays to ensure you never receive an instruction that you cannot attend.

Your customers will receive live updates via email & sms when you have confirmed the appointment and completed the report.

They can also download their report and access it online in the future should they require, via a customer portal.

Option of a White Label Website

As well as the many other benefits of becoming part of our network, you will also have the option of letting us provide you with a tailored website and marketing materials to allow you to promote your services in your local area.

The site comes in a variety of templates that can be customised with your company logo, contact number, address and pricing etc.

The other benefit of taking this option is the seamless link between your site and the booking facility that will allow any visitor to chose their product, book an available appointment directly in to your diary and pay online securely.

Benefits of using our Software

Our booking system will be offered to all 28,000 Estate & Letting Agents in the UK. They will have the facility of either searching for appointments provided by all assessors in your local area or by filtering the search to individuals.

If you already have a relationship with local firms then you can offer them the ability of instructing your services 24/7 without the need to call you to check availability.

When you take instructions over the phone you can input them directly into your diary and process the payment instantly. The customer will receive a VAT invoice and booking confirmation which is automatically generated by our software.

  • FREE local pre-paid EPC appointments
  • Use of our bespoke diary management software for all of your own appointments
  • Option to have your own white label website with built in client management.

Benefits to your customer

  • Secure credit card payment facilities
  • Direct online booking capability with the choice of selecting their preferred time and date
  • Customer portal with online case tracking and the ability to download their EPC report
  • SMS and Email updates issued automatically by your diary management software

Benefits to you

  • Referral links to your content providers
  • Guaranteed payments
  • You get to set your own pricing structure
  • Receive a continious flow of work
  • Integration with EPC report creator software

Do you already have a website?

Integrate our client management software into your website and enjoy all the same great benefits listed above.

Do you have referrers who supply you with work?

Offer them the ability to instruct your services and chose their own appointment times when you can't take their call. NEVER MISS A JOB !!!

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